Gee, I'm a Tree

Geometry. Just the sound of that word makes me shiver in disgust. Geometry is probably my least favorite experiences in the math world.

” What!?” you say. “That’s my favorite, plus it’s the easiest.”

Well, maybe to you pal.  Yes, it is just a bunch of shapes but I did not enjoy my tryst with geometry in high school.  I could never remember those darn equations and they didn’t make sense to me anyways. Well, most of them didn’t.  I was more of an algebra kid.  Algebra was just more logical to me. We’ll save algebra for another day though.

Let’s move on.  It’s time for me to face my fear of geometry and come out a little bit smarter. gives a great explanation of geometry here if you are interested. I will just take this one sentence from them to get us started: “Geometry originated as a practical science concerned with surveying, measurements, areas, and volumes.” Wait, so now geometry is not only math, but also science? Science, another weakness of mine.

One part I do remember getting in geometry was drawing a line from point A to point B. That was pretty simple. Once we enclosed our shape and needed to measure the area or circumference, that’s when i started the shiver in disgust thing.

Remember “Pythagorean Theorem?”  Sounds scary at first, but once I looked at it again it wasnt so bad.  You can look at it here. Basically, you’re using a formula to find a 3rd angle when you know the first 2 angles of a triangle already.

A (squared) + B (squared) = C (squared)

Great, I got it, what else do you got?

Remember the “Rhombus?”  Yeah, all I could remember about it was the silly name too. A rhombus is simply a four sided shape with four equal sides. You can find out more about the rhombus and other quadrilaterals from the Math Is Fun website. Just be careful not to spend all of your time there. 🙂
I decided to test my geometry skills and take a review test on  I failed, miserably.  Go ahead, take it yourself and see how well you do.  Let’s just say I got less than 50% right.  We don’t need to go into details.  Take review test. Let me know how good, or bad, your score is in the comments section.


One thought on “Gee, I'm a Tree

  1. I took Geometry and Algebra 2 at the same time. I felt that in essence they were very similar. FOIL is a lot like The Pythagorean Therum to me in that you are given some constants and are able to find an unknown number. It makes me feel like Sherlocke Holmes discovering some sinister plot without so much as a suspicion and a single strand of hair. I feel smarter already, thanks for this awesome blog!

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