Facetious Friday: What Would You Say?

There have been a lot of great posts from others in the past couple of weeks.

I’m not talking about posts that will change your life or even give you inspiration for the day.

I’m talking about posts that make you giggle, posts that are silly, posts that are facetious.

I have weighed in on them myself and would be interested to know what you think.

If you’ve never read the following posts or didn’t comment at the time, please do so now, here.

If you already commented, re-share that here for others to see.

First up – Bryan Allain posted some random pics he found and asked for us to explain what was going on.

Take a look at that post to see those pics. My comments can be seen third from the top.

What would you say?

Next, Carlos Whittaker posted about the tv show he was on recently to discuss topics in the news.

Carlos asked us to weigh in on these topics with a one-liner here.

I said:

MTV Skins – Satan wanted his own version of Saved by the Bell.
50% of School District Smokes Pot – So, assuming K-5th don’t have many in the 50% that would be all of grades 6-12?
Lion Tacos – It’s more legal than a taco full of beagle.
Tech Toddlers – My 1.5 year old just updated her Netflix queue.
Bad Breath Singles – Bad breath can take a Brad Pitt down to a Steve Buscemi real quick.

What would you say?

Finally, Tyler Stanton guest posted about his love/hate relationship with Carlos Whittaker.

I said:

Carlos wears a cardigan and Urban Outfitters decides to make a line of cardigans inspired by him.  I wear a cardigan and my grandma asks to borrow it.

What would you say?


One thought on “Facetious Friday: What Would You Say?

  1. That skins show is outrageous. MTV must have a desire to corrupt the youth of this country.

    50% of the school district smokes pot – can’t say im surprised, it doesn’t carry the same stigma it once did.

    lion tacos – i thought they only served cat at chinese restaurants?

    bad breath singles – there is no excuse for rancid breath in this day and age, grab some tic tacs and hit the road

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