$0 Office Makeover Inspired by Staples

My friends at Staples were kind enough to let me pick out a piece of office furniture for my office makeover.

$0 Office Makeover plus $100 giveaway

After much deliberation I chose this Sauder August L-Desk in Oak.


It was pretty easy to put together too…so I hear. Of course, I had my husband do all of the dirty work, but I swear, he told me it was pretty easy.

$0 Office Makeover plus $100 giveawaySo the room started out as my 4 year old daughters space. We decided to move her in with my 2 year old daughter because:

A. We wanted a more dedicated office space

B. They wanted to move in together

C. We wanted to make sure the the first one up woke the other immediately, so the double-teaming cereal demands and pink bowl arguments would be the first sweet sounds I hear every morning.

So, how did we accomplish the rest of this makeover for free (loose definition)?

I purchased the paint with credit card rewards we earned (sorry Dave Ramsey but we do use credit cards for reward purposes and pay them off entirely every month).

All of the decor and other furniture were items from around the house.

$0 Office Makeover plus $100 giveawayVoila, that’s a free office makeover! What’s the deal with the dresser, clothing stand and stuffed closets? Well, aside from blogging I also run an ebay store. The dresser (which was also once a changing table) is now my supply storage, measuring and weighing station. The clothing stand is my half-mannequin, which is where I photograph the clothing and items I sell. The closets are where I store the 300 or so items I have listed in my store.

Staples sent me a few other, much needed supplies to help my office come together. Make sure you get yourself a Staples Easy Button for your desk. Every time I press it, things are magically getting done for me. It’s crazy, but it works.


But wait, there’s more! Staples and I are giving away $100 for you to use at staples.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

18 thoughts on “$0 Office Makeover Inspired by Staples

  1. Oh man!! I’d love to buy stuff for my new sewing/ office/ crafts room. Since moving in, I have not been able to organize 1. I need organization 2. Need more time. 3 I need money lol thanks friend for an AWSOME giveaway !

  2. I would probably use the money to buy school supplies–I know summer just started but I want the kids to be prepared. And I LOVE to pick out school/office supplies!!!!

  3. I’d love to win so I can buy stuff to organize our accumulated supply of craft/art supplies! Thanks steph!

  4. I am soooo unorganized! And I am a homeschooling mommy, so between the two, I would blow through that $100 quick! πŸ˜‰

  5. I begin my career as a third grade teacher this fall. I would use the $100 to buy supplies for my new classroom, to have on hand for those students who cannot afford school supplies!

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