Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium Pivot Vac Review

Black & Decker sent me one of their new Vacs to test out and I have to say that I LOVE IT!

You see, I have been desperately wanting a little cordless hand-vac for a while. A long while. And, did I mention desperately?

I currently have a big, older vacuum that I hardly use because we have no carpeting in the house. About every month or so the amount of ‘unintentional trailmix’ covering my van floor gets out of control and needs to be vacuumed out. Lugging the big ol’ vacuum outside, searching for the single coveted extension cord, and trying to reach that hose across the van without the vacuum falling over and penetrating one of my children’s skulls gets a little monotonous. This is the desperation I’m talking about.

Well, friends, I did not just get any old hand held, cordless vacuum. I got the king of them all. Without further ado, I introduce to you the Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium Pivot Vac:



Just look what this little guy can do:

BDH2000PL_3I haven’t seen such amazing pivoting action since Larry Bird. That picture above shows the 6 different angles you can pivot this vacuum to accommodate you in your cleaning. Check out Susie Homemaker cleaning well above her head with ease:

BDH2000PL_A2 As someone who is 4’11” tall (gasp, it’s true) I need this kind of cleaning tool in my life. Now that I have it, I cannot live without it. To see all of the other great features visit the website here. You see now why I call this guy the king? Of curse, no king is complete without his throne. Check out this throne, people:



The king can sit on his throne, in a compact way and juice up for the next mess that will inevitably happen.

Remember my van-cleaning woes? Here are some before shots of my van. Remember, this is a judgement free zone:

20v 1 Collage


We kind of use this van like a pickup truck. We have hauled bags upon bags of mulch, plants and even children. Most of the mess is mulch, soil and that ‘unintentional trailmix’ that comes about from multiple episodes of snacking and driving.

See how easily this vacuum cleaned up every bit of mess that it (please excuse the poor camera skills):

In the end, after maybe 7 minutes of vacuuming, the van was as clean as it has ever been since we’ve owned it and the vacuum was full of dirty, mulchy ‘unintentional trailmix’ with a touch of husky hair. Emptying the vacuum is simple and can be done with one hand.



Here is the 7 minutes of work results:

20v 2 Collage


It’s not perfect (and neither are we) but now I don’t have to give my “Boy, we really need to clean this van” line every time we open the doors in a public place.

So we know this is an amazing vacuum for my van, but I also have to note that it works wonders on door mats, under couch cushions, collection dog hair clumps from under the bed and more!



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