What’s Going On

I’d like to tell you a little story. I’d like to say that it will be short and sweet. I’d be lying if I said that.

You see, way back in August of 2010 I decided to start a blog. That’s almost 5 years ago for you mathematically challenged folk. I was somewhat new to being a stay-at-home mom and, quite frankly, a little bored (cue: working moms who abhor me for saying this).

I also felt as though I was getting a little stupider (for lack of a better word) every day. I wasn’t challenging my mind or learning anything new. I decided to turn to my new best friend, the internet, and learn something new every day. Since my then 11 month old would not keep me accountable (how rude) I figured, if I blogged about it, that might help.

Yada yada yada (a la George Constanza) I started a blog called Smarten Up! and began sharing what I learned. You can read these mostly boring blog posts in my Smarten Up! category (which I can’t seem to link) and here’s a link to the very first post.

At some point I realized that I enjoyed the writing better than the learning (shame) so I ventured out into topics such as Wednesdays with Adah (my aforementioned unaccountable 11 month old), Facetious Friday, etc.

Here I am failing at keeping this short and sweet.

Anyways, 8 or so months later we were pregnant with our 2nd child and buying a house. I threw in the towel with hopes of getting back to the blogging eventually.

About 9 months later (in January of 2012) I was ready to start back up. This time I had visions of grandeur and rebranded myself as Housewife Mama (.com and all) so that I could grow into a legit blog with sponsored product reviews (read: getting free stuff) as my goal. Low and behold I actually found success and was able to convince business owners, both small and large to not only send me free stuff to review, but in most cases, send another for a giveaway winner. It was awesome, it was fun and then it wasn’t fun. I posted my last product review in March of 2015 and decided to retire.

I didn’t enjoy it anymore and it was no longer worth the time it took away from my family. It was a great run and I got more cloth diapers (my original motivation), baby and kid products, etc. than I can count. I even had the opportunity to work with large brands like Staples, Tom’s of Main, Joanne’s, Hallmark, Boba, Schwan’s and even Jonathan Scott  from HGTV.

So here I am, pregnant with our 3rd child, still trying to fix up our home of over 4 years and wanting to write again. I’m getting back to my roots, not trying to monetize, be consistent, gain followers or do anything fancy like that. I just want to write, occasionally, about whatever the stank I feel like and you can read it or or not.

Update: It’s 2017 and I said I would start blogging again 2 years ago. What’s my deal?! Stay tuned, or don’t because I never finish anything, ever (look I can’t even bother to add the period)

The end.

One thought on “What’s Going On

  1. Happy you are writing again, always enjoy reading your blogs. Life will get busier for you with #3 comes but I’m sure you will be able to squeeze some in. Just got a chuckle out of the 3rd semester t-shirt. You will have some new stories being the mother of three. Thanks for sharing

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