Novemer & December 2012

Yep, this post is sooo very late but here is it 🙂

The end of 2012 came and went quickly for us!

Abigail (13 & 14 months here) started running and climbing and keeping me on my toes.

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Adah, now comfortably 3 years old is doing great with potty-learning and is so very independent with everything she does!

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We gave the girls a few presents each the weekend before Christmas…

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…and then headed up north to MA, where I’m from to celebrate with my family.








(My parents, 4 siblings, spouses and our kids are pictured above.)

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(Our attempted family photos picture above)

What did your family do to close out 2012?


October 2012

We started off the month celebrating Abigail’s 1st Birthday!

We had a small party with local family members.

She’s a fan of Blue’s Clues so that’s what I chose to make for her cake.

She thought it was pretty good.

She finally started walking a lot more too.

Here she is at the beginning of the month.

She’s a pro now and is pretty much walking, exclusively!

She also is getting in her two top teeth which has been so much fun 😉

We finally got our swing set up too!

Here’s Adah in her Spider costume.

She is absolutely obsessed with spiders and bugs so I had to get this one when I saw it.

Here’s Abby in her bunny costume.


We’ll probably paint their faces tonight to add to the cuteness.

What has your family been up to this month?

September 2012

September was a great month for us!

We celebrated Adah’s 3rd birthday.

She’s totally into the Muppets right now so I made her a Kermit cake.

She got some great gifts…

…including gymnastics lessons, which she is obviously ready for!

Abby has been doing some hardcore teething…

…but is happy to say that she finally got her first two in!

She has been practicing her walking/running skills too…

…and finally took some steps on her own!

What’s your family been up to the past month?

August 2012

August was a great month for us!

We vacationed at North Topsail Beach, NC and it was great to get away.

I was able to catch some uh-oh moments on video too.

While I do have 2 eyes, they usually work together so I can’t always see what both girls are doing at the same time. This stuff happens to everyone right?

Late June-July 2012

July was a whirlwind for me so forgive me for being late with out family updates.

At the end of June my brother and his wife and kids came for a weekend visit.


The girls enjoyed playing with their older cousins whom they only get to see a couple times per year.

We had a low key 4th of July at home…


…complete with low key fireworks.

Abigail has been self-feeding…


…and self-standing (with a little help from her toy)

She is also starting to cruise along the couch…

…likes to wave and clap…

…and still has no teeth at 9 months old.

I have a hundred pics like this of Adah, who likes to steal my camera and capture her best side.

Here’s our latest family pic. I’m not sure who photo-shopped crazy eyes on me but they’re gonna pay for it!


What has your family been up to this summer?

Late May-Mid June 2012

We took a little vacation at the end of May to visit my family in Massachusetts.

It was great to spend time with friends and family that we do not get to see often!


Abby got to meet her great-grandparents for the first time and Adah loved sharing some cupcakes with them.


They also got to visit with their almost 97 year old great-grandfather aka Pepere.


Adah was teaching Grandpa and Uncle Jordan to play guitar and Abby playing with Grandma and cousin Trey.


We got to meet baby cousin Avery for the first time and Michael even found time to catch him some fish.

Trey and Adah even took time to teach Grandpa how to play baseball.

In June we visited some family (on Michael’s side)  in Ohio.


The girls are playing with cousin Elizabeth at Great-Grandpap’s house.


We’ve also been having fun in the backyard too.

The garden is coming along and we have squash, lettuce, cilantro and peppers coming in.


We’ve even got some potatoes and tomatoes. This was probably early June so we have even more growth now.


We got Michael a real remote control helicopter for Father’s Day and it’s a hit with everyone!

Great-Grandpap is visiting from Ohio and we snapped this 4-generation photo.

In this instant classic Adah is flashing her undies and Abby is reaching for a face-grab.

Here’s a video of Abby crawling. Just like Adah, she started at 8 month old and doesn’t get all the way down on her knees. She’s able to go from sitting to crawling to sitting quickly with this method so I can’t blame her.
It saves on rug burned knees too.

At this rate she will start walking at 10.5 months like Adah did.

May 2012 (2nd installment)

Abigail is 7 months old now and loves sitting up to play and just hanging out. Also, still no teeth to report yet.


She’s working on her speech now too and you can watch her sounding out “mama.”

Adah loves going to the playground, especially when there is climbing involved.


She’s also been drawing and sketched her first identifiable picture. Spiders!