ATTITUDE Product Review

I was sent a package of ATTITUDE products to review with my family.


ATTITUDE provides baby-friendly, carcinogen-free, environmentally-preferable (just to name a  few) cleaning and care products.

We have been diligently using and loving each of these products!

att laundry

The Laundry Detergent has worked great to get our clothing clean and I love that it is “free of any chemical linked to cancer (not even traces!).” Plus it is septic safe and not tested on animals. It is currently on sale for $8.99.

att dish

The Dishwashing Liquid has been great to have on hand for those dishes I do not run through the dishwasher. I have to admit that I am a bit of a dishwashing liquid snob. I buy many of my household products in generic brands but I always purchased a specific brand name dishwashing liquid because it was the only one that worked well. I am happy to say that ATTITUDE dishwashing liquid has passed my test and really does get my dishes clean. It also has the benefits mentioned above for the laundry detergent. You can purchase it on sale for $3.99.

att toy


The Toy & Surface Cleaner has been one of those products I never knew I couldn’t live without. I find myself using it all the time on our toys, especially with all of the sick germs going around right now. What was I using before this?! It also is free of cancer-causing chemicals and eco-friendly. You can purchase it on sale for $6.99

att shampoo


The 2-in-1 Shampoo has been a great product for us. With two daughters that have lots of hair we go through a lot of shampoo. I worry about what is in our shampoos because it runs down their faces as we rinse it. I love knowing that this shampoo is vegetable based and free of harmful chemicals. You can purchase it on sale for $7.99.

att bath

The Bubble Bath is something my girls look forward to. Most natural bath products do not produce the fun bubbles that every child wants in their bath. Though this is carcinogen-free and eco-friendly it still has a nice naturally-derived fragrance. We absolutely love this product and you can get it on sale for $7.99.

att hand

The Foaming Hand Soap is another great product for the bathroom. My girls love how foamy the soap gets and I love the safe and eco-friendly ingredients. We will be sad when this runs out. You can purchase it on sale for $4.99.

att wipes

The Baby Wipes are a great product for on-the-go. I threw this into my diaper bag and have gone almost entirely through the package. Baby wipes are used on our children’s most sensitive parts and we should be conscience to what they are made of. I love that these are vegetable-based and biodegradable. You can purchase a pack on sale for $5.99.

ATTITUDE carries so many other great products which you can view here.

Overall, it has been a privilege to try out these amazing products and I know you will love them. They are safe for your family, friendly for the environment and even have fun packaging that everyone will love.


I was not paid to write this post. I exchanged my review for this product. These are my own opinions.

Baby Bullet Review

I was sent a Baby Bullet System to review.

Baby Bullet Collage

I have used food processors in the past for making baby food so I was excited to try out a system created for the purpose of making baby food.

It was very simple to set up right out of the box and we got right to making banana baby food. As you can see I added some yogurt as bananas are not the most liquid-y fruit.

baby bullet Collage 2

They pureed up fast and smoothly and we were able to pour them into the individual cups and freezer tray very easily.

The Baby Bullet comes with so many great features and tools like the recipe book, spatula and more.

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rainbow Collage


Kong Mega Wubba Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. sent me a Kong Mega Wubba to review with my 2 dogs.

Kong Toy giveaway via now through 3/04/14

I already knew of Kong as being a quality  product and was excited to try it out on my rough players. Together they have destroyed more stuffed animals and wooden toys than I care to recall. It was time for something they could not tear apart in .04 seconds.

My 2 year old Husky mix Hera has teeth that can chew through just about anything. She took right to the Kong Mega Wubba and went to town gnawing on it.

Kong Toy giveaway via now through 3/04/14

She has punctured a couple of small holes but has not ripped it beyond that at all. I was impressed.

We then tried it out on our 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix Zeus and he had his way with it as well. He whipped it around until he could barely move anymore and still the quality was spot-on. Again, I was impressed.

Kong Toy giveaway via now through 3/04/14

We have purchased cheap dog toys in the past but have now experienced the quality of Kong and will be loyal purchasers from here on out.

You can purchase this Kong Mega Wubba and several other Kong toys and products from 

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Why I Use Molly's Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder

As someone who has tried several cloth diaper detergents and soaps I have finally settled on a laundry solution that we love.

It's free of harsh chemicals, it cleans my diapers dependably and more... (plus a giveaway now through 2/7)

I use Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder exclusively.

So, why do I love it? Well, most importantly, It works. If you frequent cloth diaper communities you will, without at doubt, hear others talking about their diaper laundry and the problems they are having with it.

It's free of harsh chemicals, it cleans my diapers dependably and more... (plus a giveaway now through 2/7)

As someone who does not use a diaper sprayer and has a front-loading washing machine (yes, you read that right) , I swear by Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder. Even more, I do not add extra water or extra rinses. I simply follow the instructions on the bag and it works, every time.

So, what is my routine? Just like I mentioned, I follow the directions on the packaging exactly. First, a warm rinse, next is a hot wash with the laundry powder (I use 1.5 scoops since I have a front-loader). Important: I put my powder directly on my laundry in the machine. I do not use the soap dispenser. Next is two warm rinses. That’s it. Clean diapers every time.

Another reason I love using Molly’s Suds is because it is free of fragrances, dyes and harsh chemicals that could harm your babies skin. If you deal with diaper rash regularly, I suggest giving Molly’s Suds a try.

Check out my Molly’s Suds Ambassador bio here.

It's free of harsh chemicals, it cleans my diapers dependably and more... (plus a giveaway now through 2/7)

Because Molly’s Suds is so awesome they are giving away a bag of their Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder and Wool Dryer Balls to one of you.
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The No Sense of Urgency Oops

Adah, my quirky, loving, obsessive, sweet & sour (just to name a few) 4 year old currently suffers from a mild case of what I like to call: NO SENSE OF URGENCY.

Trying to get her ready to go out somewhere is a chore like no other. She likes to pick out her own outfit, which is fine with me (most of the time) and it usually doesn’t match. I used to fight it, I did, but then I gave it up like chocolate during lent. I don’t actually do that. No one should give up chocolate. Ever.

Sometimes a 4 year old handles situations better than a 30 year old.

This morning very typically went like this: I asked her to get dressed, bribing with the fact that we were going to her favorite store Harris Teeter (free cookie). I came back 5 minutes later and there were no signs that she made any effort to get dressed. Again I asked and again she did not get dressed but instead, emptied all of her clothing from her drawer onto the floor.

HALT! This is where I would like to throw a Mommy Tantrum and lecture her about not doing this AGAIN and that she needs to get dressed NOW. This is not our first make-a-mess-instead-of-get-dressed rodeo.

I remained calm, she got dressed, eventually and we were ready to leave. THEN, IT HAPPENED. I remembered I had to empty the litter box because the cat had been crying at me for 10 days (read: 10 minutes) to do it and I also had to run the last rinse cycle on my diapers before we left. The girls were all bundled and ready to go and I made them wait so I could do my things. Did they complain? NOPE.

You see, I did not have to be at the store at any specific time, I just wanted to leave and she wasn’t in a hurry to. This is the perfect cause for a Mommy Tantrum which would effect in nothing but negative feelings for everyone.

When it was my turn to put a speed bump on our trying to leave no one lectured me, said anything negative to me or even seemed to care that they had to wait.

If only I could live life with a mild case of NO SENSE OF URGENCY.

Feathered Headband Craft Tutorial

Make this easy headband from just a few simple drafting supplies and the kids will love it! Great for year-round dress up play.   We took on the final Mom Trusted Kids Craft Blogger Challenge of 2013. Turn to Mom Trusted for hundreds of kids activities for you and your family. The supplies sent to us were: Feathered Headband Craft Tutorial Feathers, pipe cleaners an thin paper squares. My girls are 2 and 4 years old so I wanted a craft that they could do most of the work on their own and display proudly on themselves. Our first step was to gather a few other supplies to complete our craft and that included: Feathered Headband Craft Tutorialglue, hole puncher, scissors and thick paper (we used resume paper) We cut the paper into 2 inch strips (2 per craft). and cut our little paper squares into shapes as well. Next we glued the shapes onto our strips and let them dry. We flipped over our paper strip and glued feathers onto the other side, making sure that most of the feather stuck out over the the top. We then glued the other paper strip on top of the feather stems so that the backside of the headband would be paper (to help secure the feathers and keep skin irritation to a minimum).

Feathered Headband Craft Tutorial

We then punched a hole in either side of the headband and fed a pipe cleaner through the hole, twisting it around itself to hold it in place (make sure the sharp edge is tucked under).

Feathered Headband Craft Tutorial

There you have it:

Feathered Headband Craft Tutorial


Unlike most of my crafting, these actually came out exactly as planned. The girls both loved making these and showing them off too!